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10th Royal Fusiliers

The Author



David Carter, born in London, educated in Blackpool, became a teacher after studying at Durham.

Always interested in bringing alive the voices of participants he used documents and, for more recent events recordings, of those who were involved in events to illustrate his lessons.

He wrote and produced programmes for local radio in Newcastle, mainly for a school audience but also some of wider interest.

After working as a school inspector and headteacher on Tyneside and in London he has now retired and spends his time between homes in Cumbria and Kent researching family history and particularly the involvement of his relatives in the First World War.


The Author:

Ernest Lionel Carter Stk925 10th Royal Fusiliers (back left) with his parents and siblings, London c1906.

Back row L-R: Ernest Lionel; Arthur Reginald; Walter; Albert; John Edwin; Henry

Front row L-R: Mary; John Henry; Sarah; unknown

John Edwin was the author’s grandfather